Blogmas 2019 ↠ Hello December

I know, this post is super late today but I just didn’t have time to post it any earlier sadly.

And even now, the baby is sick with a cold (I hope it’s a cold) so she’s really clingy and feeling miserable.

I know blogging as been pushed to the side and even though I’m trying super hard to get back into my social media, it’s been a challenge. Throw in drama over a post and it pretty much destroyed any happiness I had linked to writing, especially on Facebook.

But I do try to make a point to do blogmas and this year is no different! Despite my fears, paranoia’s and sudden insecurities about writing.

Writing has always been MY thing, MY therapy, and just because someone else doesn’t understand it doesn’t give them the right to take it away from me or tell me to stop.

It’s the last month of the year. Of the decade. How crazy is that?! I feel like the last ten years have been a blur but also long as hell.

I feel like the pressure goals wise is ON lol!

↠ Keep up with holiday themed content

↠ Enjoy every bit of our vacation

↠ Plan out Jan and 2020

↠ Tidy the apartment

↠ Marie Kondo my life

↠ Revisit old passions

↠ Start learning how to cook

↠ Make healthier purchase choices

↠ Make healthier choices in general

A lot of things I hope to get done this year are the same as every year; go into the new year with less stuff. And make better choices personally and financially.

So here’s to the last month of the year, and decade!

What are some things you hope to accomplish this month?

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