Blogtober 2019 ↠ Annual October TBR Challenge!


I have a book blog but I’ve switched them so many times that referring back to an archive of this challenge is well… challenging! Unless I link it back to my first book blog but let’s not.

Every October for 10 years now I create a list of paranormal/creepy books I’ve been putting off (this originally started to force myself to read those creepy books I got for review and had put aside.

This years is a mix of both “creepy” + retellings. As well as just paranormal and a few series I put off finishing cause I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the characters just yet.

It’s time to say goodbye to Jared, Ash and Kami. I read Unspoken for one of my October challenges before it was released and fell completely in love with not just the characters but the concept of the story. It’s hands down my #1 top favorite YA book!

My heart breaks having to say goodbye; but I’ve held on to these characters long enough 💖.

Mirror, Mirror is one of the retellings I’ve decided to go with this month — The Evil Queen holds a special place in my heart from my Disney World Cast Member days. I’m drawn to everything Poison Apple themed!

Another retelling I’m hoping to finish is Stain by AG Howard.

Ugh I really want to read this but I’m such a chicken! I tried last year and failed so I’m trying again this year!

I fell in love with this cover but haven’t picked it up yet! I haven’t heard much about this one either but faeries trapped in a lamp seems legit.

These are just some of my picks, if you’d like to see the full list it’s on Goodreads HERE!

A little upset it’s hard to format the photos on the phone app! Whomp.

What are some of your favorite Fall/Halloween reads?

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