Review — Lush Eggplant Bath Bomb


I’ll be honest; I had no intention of buying this Bath Bomb.

When I saw the promo shot for Lush’s Valentine’s Day products I was like that one’s a nope. They had previewed the Eggplant and Peachy Bath Bombs and they were obviously pulled from emoji’s which I have no problem with. Keep with the times.

It wasn’t until I saw someone’s Bath Bomb video that I was like: huh, that actually looks really pretty.

Granted I’m a sucker for the colors purple and pink.

I stopped taking baths for awhile because adjusting to pregnancy changes and pains were getting hard and usually when I’m laying in the bath I get really bad heartburn; I’m not sure if it’s because I’m laying on my back or what. Not to mention Baby Lo is usually VERY much active when I’m in the bath so it doesn’t help with the heartburn aspect.

But because my back has been in so much pain and discomfort lately I decided to give in and start them again. Not to mention that Bubba has been stocking me up with Lush products the last 2 trips, I think he was trying to encourage me to take more baths anyway.

I’ve always loved taking bubble baths since I moved out on my own. It’s the one thing I look forward to at the end of every day; just relaxing in a nice smelling bubbly bubble bath. Something about it just makes me feel so refreshed when I get in bed.

I had split my Eggplant Bath Bomb in half because 1) it’s big af and 2) I’m weird about preserving things that might end up a “fav” later.


What I wasn’t expecting was the blue in the middle! In the video I saw they didn’t split it in half so it let off the purple from the main part and the green from stem (sadly mine didn’t split clean in half like I had hoped but more into like… 4 awkward pieces).

If you’re wondering where the bubbles came from, I threw a bit of Open Your Heart Bubble Bar in there. Sadly the shade of purple from Eggplant took away from the pretty gold glitter.


After the dud of the other half of my Twilight Bath Bomb the night before seeing a nice healthy strong fizz was relaxing af. The colors that came off this Bath Bomb were also gorgeous to witness!


I was seriously having too much fun filming and snapping photos of it the whole time.

Sorry for the crappy edits, for some reason bathroom lighting is fire except for when you’re in the bathtub itself lmao!

I’m so glad I decided to pick this up last minute! And for half the Bath Bomb it gave off a lot! I was pleasantly surprised!


The Eggplant Bath Bomb + Open Your Heart Bubble Bar made for a super relaxing bath and left me feeling sleepy and relaxed by the time I got out.

I’m definitely going to be picking up another one of these babies next time I’m at Lush!

What are some of your favorite Lush products? Do you plan on picking up anything from their Valentine’s Day collection?

2 thoughts on “Review — Lush Eggplant Bath Bomb

  1. I’d love to pick up their Valentine’s Day bath bombs now I’ve read this post! I did initially think the peach one was cute but I never thought that it was worth heading into town and picking it up, but the aubergine gives off such cute colours, I might have to just go in and pick them both up now! Lovely post, and I hope you enjoyed your bath!

    Beka |

    1. I actually went bought another set of the VDay bombs lol! I enjoyed them a lot more than I thought! But pretty baths are always really a great way to wind down at the end of the day.

      I hope you’re able to pick them up as well!

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