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I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Christmas ever since I was little β€” to the point where in my teen and early adulthood years it caused seasonal depression. My worst mental breakdown came around the holidays in 2014 which completely wrecked me mentally and I still to this day get hallucinations when I’m overly stressed; even if I feel fine.

So me and the holidays have never really had a very good or healthy relationship.

In the more recent years I’ve tried to focus on self traditions to find ways to enjoy the holidays because depressed or not the holidays are really a beautiful time of the year.


The last 3 Christmases with Bubba have been pretty interesting.

He tries really hard to make sure my Christmas is good and I have stuff to be excited about. The gifts he has under the tree for me is always so intense. I’ve never really had someone give me so many gifts at one time and especially not during Christmas!


Bubba usually themes my Easter basket but not so much my Christmas gifts. But this year he decided to theme my gifts with INFLUENCERS. But there was also a ton of stuff that wasn’t INFLUENCER related.

Bubba has a habit of letting me open gifts early annnnd he’s kind of awful at keeping secrets especially when it comes to gifts lol. So I got to open gifts early through out December.


One of the first gifts I got to open was the Too Faced Gingerbread palette and the Fenty (my first Fenty products!) eye/lip set!

The Gingerbread palette doesn’t smell like Gingerbread, sadly. The liquid lippie of the Gingerbread Girl does though! I felt like the palette smelled more a little like Chocolate.


I also got a palette I’ve been wanting for weeks! I was so excited when I opened this one! Look how glammed out the BOX itself looks! Also is it just me or does this palette sounds like it’s a little Cinder by Marissa Meyer-ish?


Just sayyyying.

I did use this palette for my Christmas Eve look with my Kingdom Hearts sweater. I loved the pigment payoff and they blended like butter. I’m excited to play with this palette more!


I got to open 2 candles β€” there was also 2 glitter sprays that I got to open as well and a body lotion. I didn’t take a pic of it, I somehow forgot. But I’m obsessed with this Waikiki Beach Coconut and I really want to light the Gooey Marshmallow but it’s the only one I have!

This Coconut one is really making me so ready for sunny days and Spring and Summer. Even if it means Baby Lo will be here too. And I don’t really know how I feel about being a mother. As weird as that sounds right now.

Look how pretty Bubba’s wrapping is! The one on the left is so pretty I didn’t even want to open!

The one on the right that’s covered in bows was the final gift to open and he gave me no hints as what it was!


Bubba had me open these before Christmas Eve. And I still have 2 stacks left to open!

Champagne Toast is one of my favorite New Year scents. I just love everything about this scent!

I told Bubba no more Pops but he got a few that I was actually hunting, so I’m pretty excited. I really need a bookshelf or a dresser to display them!

I love that he got me the Lilo & Stitch box it smelled like The Polynesian Resort when I opened it! Smells like home β™₯.


For Christmas Eve we usually go to Bubba’s parents house. This year we opened gifts early at around 8pm.


Jeska pulled my name for the Secret Santa and yes, she did include my Church’s Chicken Apple Pies! Yes, I did actually put this on my Secret Santa wish list. The Minnie is a sleep gown! And of course Bath & Body Works stuff including candles β™₯.


Jeska and Jeo got Baby Lo some gifts as well! Look how adorable these outfits are! She also got a matching Minnie onesie with my Minnie sleeping gown! I’m so excited about all the pink out fits and the gray/baby blue outfits are so pretty!

I’m definitely going to have to get Baby Lo’s dresser soon!

My mother in law also got me maternity clothes for Christmas but I didn’t take a pic cause they went straight into the washer when I got home lol. I’m pretty excited about them! She got me 3 pairs of leggings (thank God, I’m so tired of wearing jeans) that are really pretty. I also got a stretchy black sweater that I think is super pretty. But super thoughtful of them to get me pregnancy stuff β™₯.


Christmas Day is when me and Bubba open OUR gifts together!


By the time I got up Bubba had our gifts laid out for us to open.

Mine are in front and his and Sophie’s are in the back. This year Sophie only got one gift but she’s currently sleeping off a sort of respiratory problem to play with anything. Her recovery is going well… we think. We hope.


The INFLUENCER set is on the bottom right and I was so blown away with all the stuff he got me!

I’m so hyped that he got me the whole Bretman x Colourpop collection. I love that as soon as Bretman had mentioned that his inspo for his collection was his culture Bubba already had plans to get it for me.

Get you a man who understands how much your culture means to you β€” no, seriously. I’ve dated a guy who didn’t and he was a jerk about everything that had to do with my culture.

I finally got some of my first Jeffree Star products; how he got a hold of the Alien palette is beyond me! And I’m in love with everything about that liquid lippie. The tube is so pretty! And the shade is too, definitely a shade I’d wear every single day.

Dang; he got me my first Fenty AND my first Jeffree Star OH and my first Pur Cosmetics!

I never really paid much attention to Pur in the past but this palette is so pretty! The packaging is a bit like Urban Decay’s old Alice in Wonderland (if anyone remembers that one) box where it was big and bulky and a bit too much but the palette itself is so pretty! And it includes 2 straight up glitter shades so. I’m all about glitter.


All Bubba wanted was Pops.

So, he got Pops lol.

There are a few missing like Woody Woodpecker which he’s now getting in his stocking instead. And I forget which else. But I’m glad I was able to snag him the Jerry one since he had ordered both Tom and Jerry but somehow his Jerry order got canceled. I never understand how that happens!

Now that Christmas is over it’s so sad to see how empty under the tree is; but I had such a good Christmas and I had so much fun decorating our tree together. Next year Baby Lo will be here to take all the attention and I can’t wait to share Christmas with her!

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