Winter Favs: Colourpop Liquid Lippies


I LOVE Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks!

They’re one of the first liquid lipsticks brands I’ve tried. They can be a bit drying, but I think all liquid lip can be to some sort of drying. I always put on lip balm then do my normal makeup routine THEN put on the liquid lippie last so it gives the balm time to sink into my lips. Especially since I struggle with dry lips, all year round.

These are a few of my fav reds that I like using during the holiday season — though some of these I also like to grab year round.


These aren’t in any particular order.

That second to the last one has its label completely rubbed off because I use to carry it everywhere. I did order a replacement. That’s like a week late. But it’s on its way!

The first two are metallics. I love the way metallic liquid lippies since I’m so obsessed with glitter and I love the unique kind of shine that it gives off, especially for the holidays.


Here are the shade names; Bad Habit, Avenue and Viper have been my go to’s for the last 3 years. She said is fairly new but I can’t wait to wear it this upcoming season.

I’ve found that Bad Habit and Avenue have really good wear even while eating. These two shades have stayed on me, personally, all day long. I’ve found that Viper on me tends to wear on the inner part of my lips after eating. I don’t know the science behind the wear time and shades or maybe it has to do with your lip type. I haven’t really figured out how to keep the ones that tend to fade to stop but I’m always impressed with the ones that literally stay ALL DAY LONG.

These can be purchased directly from their website and for $6 each you really can’t go wrong. These obviously have a ton of product and even after 3 years I still haven’t completely finished a whole tube just yet.

To be honest — I’m a huge fan of Colourpop products in general. For their price point and because their products are freakin amazing. Their pressed shadows are also some of my favs from them!

I’m hoping to branch out this year and find new shades to love or even trying other liquid lipstick brands. So far I’ve only tried Colourpop, Kylie and Too Faced. I have a love/hate relationship with the Kylie ones or maybe it was just the shade I had bought. I’m glad they brought them to ULTA so now you can swatch and judge in person how you feel about a shade.

A few Colourpop products can be found at ULTA though I’m not 100% sure if their liquid lippies are one of those products.

8 thoughts on “Winter Favs: Colourpop Liquid Lippies

  1. Such pretty colors! I have a hard time with liquid lipstick because I can never seem to get the lip liner right. I’ve always been bad at coloring inside the lines. But these are so pretty!

    1. Oh gosh I just recently — as in like the last week — started using lip liner! The thing I hate about liquid lippies is when it like feathers or bleeds around my lip! I found the trick with lip liner is to just go slowly lol!

      There’s also clear ones that I really wanna find and see if it’s easier to apply than a colored one.

  2. Ive always wanted to try a colour pop liquid lippy! But because I’m from the UK, it means I need to order online so I have to be sure what I want is that I want! D: If you have any suggestions for my skin colour, I might give one a whirl!

    I’ve currently been obsessed with the morphe liquid lipsticks, they feel so good on my lips!

    1. Ours is online too! I scout Instagram swatches like crazy! But I admit sometimes I see someone with my skin tone and a gorg liquid lipstick shade but on me it doesn’t look as good T_T!

      My fav reds (if you’re into reds) are Bad Habit and Avenue! They look so good and I think they’d work on all skin tones!

      I haven’t tried the Morphe ones yet, I know a few stores in bigger cities recently opened up… may have to lure my fiance into taking lol!

  3. I LOVE Colorpop lipsticks! Great formulation, amazing shade selection and the right price.

    I wait till they’re offering free international shipping before I place an order, but always get stung with a massive customs charge once they reach the UK. My last charge was £25.00!

    I wish they’d open a UK based site! Actually, it’s probably best they don’t because I’d end up with no money if they did!

    Gemma x |

  4. Ooh loved reading this post on the Colourpop lipsticks! I haven’t got my hands on colourpop purely because I don’t like buying makeup online. But their products have so many great reviews so I may just have to try some!

    -Sophie x
    Cherries & Perfume 

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