Happy 33~!


This photo pretty much sums me up nicely! But that Wizard of Oz calendar thing is definitely one of my favorite gifts from Bubba. Sometimes I forget to change it, but I think I’ll keep it on April 12th for awhile.

But thanks calendar thing, I did have a great and powerful day!

We originally had planned to go to the DMV so I could renew my license in the morning (we attempted for 2 days and I kept bringing the wrong papers on accident) but he ended up having to go to the church for the funeral at 8 even though it started at 10; I was fine with it. I’d never pass up a chance to sleep in but he was a bit bummed to have to leave me for the first part of my birthday.

Around noon-ish he texted me saying it’s time to get up and get dressed and he was on his way to get me. Which usually gives me 8-10 mins to get ready. I picked out an outfit I’ve never worn before. But I wanted to wear pink without wearing my usual pink pullover.


I also had time to put on makeup (my face has been super red and dry lately) and do my nails (THAT surprised me the most)!


Of course I started the day giving this fluff ball a million kisses and hugs.

So Bubba comes and picks me up and we head to the DMV, the guy who helped me the day before told me to find my documents and go straight to him. Don’t grab a number or get in line, just go find him. Which was really nice of him. So he comes back from break and I’m like “YOU REMEMBER ME RIGHT” and he’s like “I remember your face, but I don’t remember what we talked about.” Then I reminded him I’m the girl transferring a CA ID to a TX one (YES I somehow managed to hold on to my CA ID in the whole 5 years I lived in FL) and he remembered. He was way too snarky lol but he was really nice. In a sarcastic way. Even the security guard reminded me from the day before lol, thanks guys! I feel memorable! It’s the little things in life guys. So yes, I’m officially a Texas resident, I guess lol. I had to forfeit my old ID which was sad (that was my first license photo from when I was 19)! Bubba was like “yaaaas new beginnings, new year, new ID’s!” lol I love his enthusiasm when things in life slightly get me down lol.


After we bounce back and forth between getting the cake or getting food first; we had a bit of a miscommunication on WHICH sushi place I had mentioned (I was debating between sushi and Red Lobster) so we grabbed a yummy Hot Dog from QuickTrip and headed to get the cake first. And yes, I get Chili and Cheese + Tomatoes with my QuickTrip Hot Dogs! It’s okay, Bubba judges me all the time about this. He always looks like he’s ready to fight me lmao! Then he waits for me to cry about my allergic reaction to fresh cut tomatoes but YOU KNOW WHAT?! IT’S WORTH IT. EVERY TIME. I wish I could put emoji’s into this blog post lol.

So he had ordered my cake but he had misdated the pick up date to 19th. I think his mind was somewhere else, it happens. I was in no way upset about it. I made a call to the store and asked if we could exchange it for a cake that was already made in the store. The guy was nice enough to offer to make it right then so he could freeze set it overnight and I could pick it up at 11am the next day which tbh would had been fine with me but Bubba wanted me to have my cake TODAY so we went and browsed to see what they had.

They also happened to have Love Potion and Icing On The Cake ice cream which are two of my absolute Baskin Robbins faves that are seasonal (besides their Strawberry and Rocky Road which aren’t seasonal) so I also got a quart of those two. I picked the cookie crumble cake instead of my usual white cake with cookies and cream. Headed home to drop off the cake, grab our Hot Cash and headed to the mall \o/.

We headed to Hot Topic where I was finding Disney clothes and all the dresses I wanted were like freakin $60! HELL NO.

I did find some stuff in the clearance section including a sweater I’ve wanted for like ever and a TNBC dress I plan on wearing whenever we go in the fall to Disneyland for the Haunted Mansion being redone into Nightmare Before Christmas. I also got a really pretty Moana palette! Other than that I didn’t see much else… whomp. I do have one more Hot Cash left cause I know I have some Pops or something in my cart online.


Bubba left me in Sephora to pick up my bday gift and I mighttttttttt had picked these up too?! I was debating between this palette which I’ve been wanting since late last year or the new Tarte Making Waves or something palette. This girl came up to me and was like “That’s the palette I’m wearing right now!” and he look was really soft and pretty and she was telling me there was so many things you could with it and it glides on like butter. So I went with this one — cause thinking back to my other Tarte Sea palette — while it swatches really nice… applying it kind of sucks. Even with a base and primer I couldn’t stop the shadow from fading about 2 hours into my day which ruined my look for the last time I went to Magic Kingdom lol. The lippie was just a random find and every other shade in its line literally looked the same but this one was a bit more pinky so I went with this one. Oh and duh I got my bday gift lol.

Bubba got me a gift from ThinkGeek; he got me a Hedwig coin purse since I don’t have any kind of wallet in my Sora purse he got me and he got me a Steamboat Willie mystery blind bag and I actually got Steamboat Willie! I haven’t taken all the photos for all the damn gifts he got me just yet lol so yeah, that’ll be a totally different blog post cause lemme tell you — for someone who was worried about not having any gifts to get me he got me a shit ton of gifts.

We gonna need to have kids soon or something cause he needs a baby girl to spoil besides me lol!


I also saw these at Sephora! Another one say “Eye ♥ SF” I thought these were SO cute! I just want the globe thing. I don’t care too much for Benefit products. I may just go back and get it. I mean it’s just mascara, I’m sure I can find a use for that lol.


Went into Bath & Body Works to sniff the two new candles I had bought online earlier in the week (French Lavender — although I have the big 3 wick one it doesn’t throw as well as the smaller normal 3 wick in my opinion & Pistachio Ice Cream. I’m a fan of the Chocolate Pistachio they release 2 Fall’s ago so I was super curious about this one) and they both smell amazing. I’m excited to get them!

I saw these Bath Bombs there also. I haven’t tried any of their Bath Bombs yet and I can’t remember exactly which one this one was but I loved that it had little stuff on the top. I might go back and pick one of these up when I go back to Sephora. They’re just so damn expensive! Then again lately everything at B&BW has gone way up!


And of course, as I TRY to do every year, I got my free birthday drink!

This year I got my beloved Pink Drink and I got of course a Birthday Cake Cake Pop! I got a grande cause we were on our way to eat and I knew I wasn’t going to finish it all as much as I had wanted to. Bubba and I were talking about how it feels like you get more in grande than in venti cause they pack venti’s with so much damn ice lol. But this one was really good, super fruity this time! Everyone kinda makes it differently. Which is fine, and kinda cool.



Went to one of my favorite sushi places in Richardson Hills? I don’t remember the actual city name. There’s so many small cities surrounding Fort Worth that it’s hard to remember which direction is which — as if that’s an excuse. Vallejo was the exact same way lol!

We got there at Happy Hour so I tried some new stuff; such as the Seared Scallops. I also got a Salmon thing. I just wanted the Salmon, let’s be real. Good thing Bubba likes the sushi rice lol. I also got Gyoza and Edamame though there’s wasn’t as salty as I would had liked! The Gyoza was amazing and perfectly crispy. The Seared Scallops I felt like had too much of whatever it was topped with it really took away from the texture and taste of the Scallop.


I was going to try a new roll but I just love our usual roll Summer Meets Winter so much that I was like nahhh. It’s Crab with Eel and Cucumber on the inside and topped with Avocado and Mango in this really good sweet sauce. The Coconut flakes bring it all together so damn nicely! I guess Bubba didn’t realize there was Eel in it since he crap talks Eel a bit and I’m like “you know there’s Eel in here right?” lol. I personally love Eel!


I got the Tempura Udon (my fav kind of Udon) \o/.



Bubba got his usual Pork Cutlet with Fried Rice. Oh I also stole his house salad that went with it — I regret nothing! Sushi place salad’s with that Ginger dressing is umph! Forreal, I don’t know what it is but it’s just sooo refreshing and good!

We were so full by the time we were done! We pretty much ate ourselves into a freakin food coma.


I started taking photos with Sophie and my birthday cake on my 30th birthday. I didn’t take my “traditional” photo at Cinderella’s Well that year and I took a photo with Sophie and my cake because she was my birthday gift from my mom that year. And since we’re not at Disney and we had a cake this year I took another photo with her.

Plus she always wants some cake too.


My little girl is getting so big and chubby. But she’s also sick and on medicated food. She’s still very much active and chatty and fine. But I’m never really sure for how long. And I don’t really like thinking about it. Or thinking that some day we won’t have birthday pictures to take together anymore. But for now I will take as many as I can with her ♥.

Bubba’s sister bought me my cake. We didn’t get anything written on it and we forgot to get candles, but it’s okay. We got to share birthday cake together (and Sophie got some too, she kept coming back for more of the vanilla ice cream, I guess it’s good we got this one instead of the cookies and cream after all). I’m a bit sad I wasn’t able to share some with them or celebrate with them but I’d feel really rude asking them to celebrate when it was a day of mourning for them. There’s always time for celebrations later.

But I’m so touched his sister insisted on buying my cake and that his sisters wanted to take me out (this was before they knew the date of the funeral). I’m really touched that they care about little ol me.


Bubba was so worried he wouldn’t be able to get me anything for my birthday. That my day wouldn’t be that good cause he had to go to a funeral and I had to spend some time at the DMV. But the fact that he tried so hard to make sure my day went well. To make sure that things went okay was really enough for me. He’s done so much more for me than anyone else has ever done and I absolutely appreciate his efforts and his thoughtfulness.

It may had been a simple day but it was a simple day with someone who cares very deeply for me and isn’t at all afraid to show it. Seriously, what else could a girl ask for?

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