Sugarfina: Bunny Bark


Earlier in March we took a trip to Dallas cause I wanted to check out the Easter collection at LUSH and we were planning on heading to the Dallas Farmers Market but ended up going to another mall instead. Whomp. Some day I’ll make it to that Farmers Market!

Tbh I wish I could spend more time in Dallas, there’s so much to see and do and discover there!

We did head to my favorite mall and I saw that Sugarfina had successfully finished moving into their bigger store. So I made a small haul purchase.

But we’re not here to talk about that, we’re here to talk about the Bunny Bark!



I love all things pink, all things white chocolate, all things with sprinkles and all things from France.

So, I mean, how could you go wrong with this?!



I love how quirky and how pretty and girly all the things at Sugarfina are. The bunny cut out on the box of this chocolate bar was way too cute!


Guys, I die.





I literally didn’t notice the crack there until I opened it though. Those sprinkles did a great job of hiding that from the other side.

The chocolate itself is I assume white chocolate; it’s sweet but in my opinion not overly sweet. The sprinkles add a nice little crunch of them. The chocolate itself melts in your mouth and it’s so delicious and creamy! I absolutely enjoyed this!


They offered another chocolate bar for Easter, well I’m not sure these were FOR Easter but here are the other bars they offered in the store. I can’t drink anything that’s ‘pink wine’ so I had to pass on the Rose and as much as I love dark chocolate, I don’t like Champagne.

I’m glad with the one I picked though!


It’s like a little piece of happiness!

I wish things like this were easier to find/access. I’m such a sucker for really good chocolate and chocolate from other countries as well!

I hope Sugarfina does more of these cause they’re just way too cute!


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